The Sea Divers

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Sea Divers

THE TRW Sea Divers
Founded 1965
Renamed The Sea Divers 1990




Photos 2001

Awesome Party!  Fantastic Bouillabaisse! Great Prizes! And Best of All Visiting with Old Friends!

Special thanks to our photographers, Joe Kalohi, John Kalasky, and Don Mueller!  We have a lot of pictures so be patient!

Click here to see Joe's pictures.


2001 Party Attendees

Don & Cathy Mueller, Peter Landecker & Lenore, Sharon Hale & Skylor Piper, Wayne & Diane Stinson, Gustavo Vargus & Girlfriend, John & Rosanne Klein, Curt and Doris Billings, Allen Parker & Kathy Dacey, Lorraine Sadler, Bonnie Chettle, George & Mary Ellen Hughes, Robin Grant, Nancy Cook, John & Bea Kalasky, Mike & Sue Morgan, Joe & Kathy Kalohi, Betty Trenberth, Allan & Sue Sharp, Paul & Muriel Nordin and guests, Mike Hughes & Friend, Bob & Lenore Revius, Pat Pruitt, Phil & Robbie Bergeron, John & Donna Satterfield, Walt & Lois Musser, Larry Brown & Emily, James Walker, Dave & Georgina Sanner, Dan Lenarth, David Gunning & Girlfriend, Erik Storsteen, Raymond Hatcher, Paul & Dodie Meister, Chuck Lillie, Steve & Mary Kavanaugh, Bill Brown.