The Sea Divers

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Sea Divers

THE TRW Sea Divers
Founded 1965
Renamed The Sea Divers 1990



Sea Divers Reunion Party 1999

1999 Attendees:
Brian & Edie Beckham, Phil & Cathy Bergeron, Curt & Dorise Billings, Daniel Bitton, Larry Brown, Bill Brown, Jack Choate, Nancy Cook, Dean & Tree Curtis, Noreen and Greg Davis, Al Freer, Cathy Gale, Bill Garrett, Bruce and Nancy Giles, Dave Gunning, George and Mary Ellen Hughes, Lynn Hughes, Mike Hughes, John and Bea Kalasky, Joe & Kathy Kalohi, Martin & Margaret Kendziorek, Peter Landecker, Dee Lawrence, Wil and Linda Lemley, Chuck Lillie, Kevin Liu, Alex Maple, Mike and Sue Morgan, John and Rebecca Mowrey, Don and Cathy Mueller, Walt & Lois Musser, Paul Nordin, Allen Parker and Kathy Dacey , Rob and Liz Parkinson, Andy Paroczai, Sharon Hale and Skylor Piper, Pat Pruitt, Bob & Lenore Revius, Betty Trenberth and D Robson, John and Carolyn Roodenberg, Lorraine Sadler, Ben Sadler, Sue & Al Sharp, Larry & Linda Shifflett, Martha Smith, Wayne & Diane Stinson, Erik Storsteen, Gus Vargas, Jim Walker, Ian and Lola Whiteside

Special Thanks to everyone that helped with our Party!

George and Mary Ellen Hughes - Delicious Boulliabasse
Bob Revius - Planning and Slide Show
Allen Parker and Kathy Dacey - Finding Divers, Master of Ceremonies, Prizes
Peter Landecker - Planning and Reception
Don Mueller - Boat Dive and Lobsters
Cathy Mueller - Organizing the Event
For those of you who weren't there, it was an awesome event. Most of the party goers stayed for 8 plus hours as we talked and ate and talked and laughed and sang and had a blast!